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Welcome to Centegra and thank you for visiting our web-site


With our tills installed in 1,000s of venues around the world Centegra can provide a completely scaled solution for all your requirements.

Our technology is ideal for all demanding retail locations such as: pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theme parks and many other entertainment or other retail locations.

Select "Core Markets" from the menu bar and see what we have for your requirements.

In a nutshell


"Centegra point-of-sale systems are more reliable, easier to integrate and use, and significantly less expensive than any other point of sale systems currently on the market. The after sales service is also excellent. So, whether you're looking for a system for a single till retail outlet or a complex solution for hundreds of tills and thousands of outlets, you can't afford not to consider Centegra. We won't waste your time."