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  Quest has over 20 years experience in providing advanced EPOS solutions to markets right across the world.


Quest was established, in Melbourne, Australia, in 1980 and quickly expanded into New Zealand. Since then, Quest has continued to grow internationally and now has operations in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The main European Office is situated in the UK.

Over the last 20 years, we have developed, manufactured and installed over 19,000 of our VersaTerm series of tills in a whole variety of retail environments, ranging from a one till portable coffee stand, to a 490 till installation at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, USA and systems spanning thousands of stores in countries across the world.

We attribute our business success to our absolute commitment to delivering business benefits to our customers, benefits like: 

Saving clients money - the value of our equipment simply means more functionality for less money

Reliability and longevity - Quest equipment doesn't go wrong and doesn't wear out, which significantly reduces service and maintenance costs. This doesn't happen by accident but is the result of rigorous internal procedures and quality control which has seen us ISO9001 accredited

Total integration - a key client concern. With Quest products, everything works together and has been designed to work together, allowing companies to grow back of house and other features around a stable and solid front-of-house solution

Non PC based - in the last 10 years PCs have undergone 6 changes in operating system, from Win3.1 through to XP and most people have changed their hardware 3-4 times in that period. Quest equipment is not only still running from 10 years ago, but is also still up-to-date on software and operating systems. This adds up to huge cost savings and many fewer changes

Tailored solutions - your needs drive the solution, not ours

Used by dummies - well we hope not, but it could be! Benefits include speed of training and lower training costs

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For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 585 200