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Plenty of experience in beer and coke!

Well, you'd hardly expect a company which started in Australia not to know a bit about the liquid side of life! And when it comes to point of sale, it doesn't get much tougher than beer & coke. With the exception of nitro glycerin and caustic soda you'd be hard pressed to find anything more damaging for electronic equipment. That's why you see so many tills on the back wall, or semi-protected under elaborate wooden covers. Unless they're Quest tills, of course...

Most tills are basically a laptop PC in a box, dependent on hard drives and fans. The fan blows air out, while beer and gunk is sucked in, clogging filters and causing damage. Quest tills are different. The VersaTerm and the V-Touch are solid state devices - no fan, no hard drive and totally sealed - which makes Quest POS equipment over 10 times more reliable than PC based solutions in a bar environment.

Not needing to be hidden away or protected, Quest technology is ideal for customer facing bar service, particularly the low profile VersaTerm till. 

Furthermore, at less than 1/2 the price of a PC based solution the cost benefits (both initial and ongoing) are considerable.

Companies who have recognized the benefit of Quest technology to pubs, clubs and bars include:

Local Heros Pub Company

Lion Nathan (Tooheys)

The Taverner Group

No need to be a computer expert

Although there are exceptions, many pub and bar managers would prefer they and their staff being able to focus on managing their businesses, than having to get to grips with detailed computer programs. One of the benefits of Quest technology is that it removes PCs from the front line, so you can either link the tills to a PC which you or a member of your staff controls, or you could have the system managed off site. The Quest system can be set up in any number of different ways...

If you have PC on site, there are different levels of software appropriate for your specific needs. The entry level software, Task Connect, is extremely simple to use. For example, unlike a till that needs a series of special codes, to add a new member of staff, all you need to do is click "clerks" and "add new" and it's done. The rest is that easy too.

Task Manager is a more sophisticated software package that gives you access to stock control, electronic ordering, loyalty programmers and a multitude of features and reporting. This could either be used at an individual site or from the head office for a chain of outlets.

Alternatively, Quest offers a managed service where we would maintain the system for you, doing everything from changing prices, staff names etc. to collecting sales figures and producing tailor made reports.

Whichever route you choose, there is a solution for you as a single bar or a chain of thousands.

Sharing tills

A typical pub environment requires staff to share tills, which immediately raises issues of speed of service and security. Quest's RF Clerk wristband system is the perfect solution for hands free logging on. With the wristband, when a member of staff approaches the till they are automatically logged on. And logged off, the second they pull away, with any unfinished transactions automatically put on hold. Great for security and great for the fast processing of customers.

Table service

With the sale of food an increasingly important part of the pub business, point of sale systems need to incorporate food's specific needs, such as the ability to track tables and customers, to split bills, etc. Quest's extensive experience in full service restaurants will enable us to work with you to create just the right solution.

For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 821 015, or email and we promise an initial response within 24 hours.