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No pulling of teeth


Have you ever put a tooth in a glass of coke? Enough said. There's little or nothing more corrosive than coke and, in a fast food environment, coke and other things like it are going to get spilled.


And, you know what? Most tills are designed to get damaged in such a fast food environment, because most tills are basically a laptop PC in a box, dependent on hard drives and fans. The fan blows air out, while coke and gunk is sucked in, clogging filters and causing damage. 


This doesn't happen with Quest tills. The VersaTerm and the V-Touch tills are solid state devices - no fan, no hard drive and totally sealed - which makes Quest POS equipment over 10 times more reliable than PC based solutions in a fast food environment.

Not only that, but Quest POS systems are less than 1/2 the price of PC based solutions, which adds up to major cost benefits, both in initial investment and in ongoing maintenance.

Quest equipment has been designed for tough, high volume locations, where speed of service and no downtime are key requirements of a POS system. That's why you won't find Quest customers pulling their teeth.


Vast experience in fast food


Fast food is a massive industry. In the UK alone, there are over 57,000 fast food outlets, including coffee shops, muffin shops, burger bars, fish and chip shops and cinemas.


Quest has provided POS solutions to the fast food industry for over 20 years, right across the world. Our clients include:


Burger King


Muffin Break


Donut King




The Boston Tea Party


Real Burger World


Quicker service

A typical fast food environment requires staff to share tills, which immediately raises issues of speed of service and security. Quest's RF Clerk wristband system is the perfect solution for hands free logging on. With the wristband, when a member of staff approaches the till they are automatically logged on. And logged off, the second they pull away, with any unfinished transactions automatically put on hold. Great for security and great for the fast processing of customers.

Equally, Quest's menu driven touch screen solutions allow for the easy management of complex and large menus, as well as simple one button sales.

For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 821 015, or email and we promise an initial response within 24 hours.