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The restaurant experience

Quest's experience in full service restaurants goes back over 20 years. We understand that quality of service is just as important as speed of service. We know that, like it or not, staff turnover is always an issue and we know that the ability to change menus, prices, users, etc. easily and instantly is a key requirement of any POS system. Functionality is key.

However, we also know that reliability is a key concern, and, although not as tough an environment as fast food or bars, the restaurant business is demanding on equipment. In the restaurant environment, the solid state Quest equipment is 10 times more reliable than PC based solutions. It starts at the click of a switch, is not prone to viruses, has no hard drive or fan to suck in fumes and moisture. It allows you to focus on running a successful business.

It also adds to the bottom line, as Quest POS systems are less than 1/2 the price of PC based solutions, a major cost benefit, both in initial investment and in ongoing maintenance.

Full range of POS options

Quest offers a full range of POS options, including everything from hand-held to Quest's RF Clerk wristband log on system.

Quest's RF Clerk wristband system is the perfect solution for hands free logging on. With the wristband, when a member of staff approaches the till they are automatically logged on. And logged off, the second they pull away, with any unfinished transactions automatically put on hold. Great for security and great for the efficient and fast processing of customers.

Equally, Quest's menu driven touch screen solutions allow for the easy management of complex and large menus, which is crucial to most restaurants.

Range of functionality

The following list is designed to give a quick idea as to the range of functions Quest offers.

Single, double or quad sized keys Multiple price levels
Up to 20,000 PLUís Price level selection by location
Up to 250 Categories Full terminal management from back office
Up to 15 Groups Head Office broadcast of controlled data
Stores 40,000 transaction lines if off-line Design keypads in back office with drag and drop
4 user defined Price Levels Automatic XLS generation of keypad for printing
20 virtual price levels (based on % discount) User profiles for selective access to data
Open and Zero price Clock In/Out reports
20 shift modifiers per PLU Manual stock take or use PDE device
16 characters descriptors General ledger interface
Up to 14 digit numeric Bar Codes Integrated backup and repair software
Up to 10 digit Alpha/Numeric Bar Codes Single or multi user functionality available
Max. quantity field 9,999 Drinks card management / Cashless venues 
Max. extended price field $(£)999,999.99 Detailed Customer purchase history
Max. number of Tables or Tabs 5,000 Back Office POS, Creates invoices for Account customers and can also be used to correct mistakes made at the POS Terminals by reversing the transaction Post Event, like over rings
Max. number of open tables 1,000 Customer Accounts. The Accounts can be set up as Debit Accounts (with a 1 pence credit limit) or Credit Accounts with a limit of say £10,000
Max. number of bills per table 10 Produce Invoices, Detailed and Summary Statements for Account customers 
Max. number of media types 256 Selected pages (from a large report) can be printed
Max. number of keys per Multi-Key 9 Run a Clerk Loyalty scheme based on Loyalty Points or Commission
Max. number of PLUís per Multi-PLU Key 9 Cash Reconciliation for each individual POS Terminal provides excellent cash management and monthly reporting of any discrepancies
Max. Header or Trailer 255 characters
Number of Taxes in a sale 4
Supports VAT/GST and USA style taxes
For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 821 015, or email and we promise an initial response within 24 hours.