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  Unique requirements of stadia and arenas

What other business takes over 50% of its income in a 15 minute period? That's a fairly typical situation for a concessions stand at half time of a sporting event.

In addition to long queues of people wanting food and drink immediately, you've also got huge staff turnover, lots of different people sharing the same till and beer and coke being slopped left right and centre. 

Imagine a single till concessions stand going down at half time - it's a very specific environment, with very unique requirements.

Quest expertise in stadia and arenas

Quest specialises in stadia and arenas. Recognising the unique needs of this type of environment, we have developed POS systems and products to address its specific demands.

We have focused on exceptional reliability, compatibility, back-up and value for money, qualities which have led to Quest POS systems being installed in some of the most demanding retail environments in the world, including The Mile High Stadium in Denver, USA, which, with 502 Quest terminals, is believed to be the World's largest single Point of Sale installation. See below for more information on this and other venues.

The right hardware

Quest hardware is designed for the needs of stadia and arenas. A true standalone capability means that without power, without network, without server, Quest tills will keep on selling.  Solid state rather than PC based, you will never be running around frantically trying to trouble shoot a network problem - you can do it after the game is over in a relaxed and organized way.

Quest products are also exceptionally easy to learn to use, enabling you to get the most out of temporary and part-time staff.


Research has shown that, in a stadium environment, PC based POS solutions have an annual failure rate of between 35% and 50%. Quest's failure rate is less than 2%, which means Quest technology is 10 times more reliable than PC based solutions.

Specialist software

A stadium installation is unlike most other retail environments, especially if that stadium is being managed by a food service company. In general retail it's fine to group transactions on a trading day, whereas, in a stadium where there may be a dog show in the morning, a soccer match in the afternoon and a pop concert in the evening, as is the case with many stadiums using Quest technology, there is a need to group on an event basis.  The Quest Task Venue software application is specifically designed to deal with this and many other specialist stadium requirements, from cash rooms to corporate hospitality and in seat service

Example sites

FedEx Field, Washington Redskins 

FedEx Field home of the Washington Redskins has installed the Quest Venue solution to support over 600 EPOS Terminals across all food service activities and is now possibly the worlds larges single EPOS installation.


Utilizing central credit card processing and an integrated RF Loyalty Card program as well as portable wireless vending stations, this stadium is state of the art.

Mile High, Denver 

The Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, USA, is the home of the NFL team the Denver Broncos and, with 502 Quest POS Terminals.


The Quest system looks after all the Fast Food & Beverage outlets, Restaurants, Bars and Retail Merchandising and the Quest SQL Back Office looks after Purchasing, Inventory, Transfers and Cash Room etc.


This project was completed for the food service company Centerplate Inc. (formerly known as Volume Services America Inc.).

Telstra Dome Stadium, Melbourne


Formerly known as the Colonial Stadium in Melbourne, Victoria, the Telstra Dome Stadium in Melbourne's regenerated docklands was redesigned to offer a capacity of 56,347, with a state-of-the-art, retractable roof, which can be closed in 20 minutes. It also features moving tier technology, allowing the lower seating section to be reconfigured, drawing spectators closer to the action. The stadium hosts many of the top Australian Football League  and rugby matches, with the crowds served by 219 concessions terminals and two 500 seat restaurants.

AMMI Stadium Adelaide

The AMMI Stadium is the major Australian Rules Football stadium in South Australia.  It has over 150 Quest Terminals in the Food & Beverage Concessions, Club Bar and Restaurant.  Over one million fans visit AAMI stadium each year.

Suncorp stadium / Spotless Group

The Spotless Group is Australia’s largest food service company and Quest is the Spotless' POS supplier.  In conjunction with Spotless we have just installed 300 POS terminals and a multi-user back office solution in the Suncorp Stadium, the home of Rugby League and Soccer in Queensland and also a major venue for the Rugby League World Cup. 


We are also working with Spotless on airport retail outlets, Australia-wide, as well as Cashless Corporate dining facilities. The current total is 14 Airports and about 100 corporate/staff dining facilities.

Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Home of the World Champion NBA (National Basket Ball Association) teams LA Lakers and LA Clippers, as well as the NHL (National Hockey League) team the LA Kings, the Staples Center has 130 Quest terminals in the Fast Food and Beverage concessions, linked to full back office functionality, including purchasing, inventory, transfers, cash-room etc.


Quest works with the Aramark Corporation, a food service company, at the Staples Center.

Skyreach Center,Edmonton, Canada

The Skyreach Center is home to the NHL ice hockey team the Edmonton Oilers, as well as hosting concerts, rodeo’s etc. and is part of the Northlands complex.


Skyreach has over 140 Quest terminals in the Fast Food and Beverage concessions and the Quest SQL Back Office looks after purchasing, inventory, transfers, and cash-room etc.

Pepsi Centre, Denver, Colorado

Home of the NBA team, the Denver Nuggets and the NHL team the Colorado Avalanche. the Pepsi Center also hosts all sorts of other high profile events such as rock concerts, etc.


The Pepsi Center, has 150 Quest terminals in the Fast Food and Beverage concessions with full back office functionality and support.


Quest also works with the Aramark Corporation at the Pepsi Center.

Flemington Race Track


Flemington Race Track is the home of the Melbourne Cup and the Spring Racing Carnival, the largest racing event in Australia.  It is also the home of the Victoria Racing Club (VRC).


In an interesting combination, the track uses 40 Quest terminals in the restaurants and bars, as well as 90 mobile Quest terminals, which are used for the marquees on race days.  This project was completed with the food service company Rowland Sodexho.

Washington DC 

Convention Center

The Washington DC Convention Center is 2.3 million square feet and is the largest building in Washington DC.  It opened on April 2nd 2003 with a 60,000-delegate convention.


This is another interesting installation, not only because of the size of the Convention Center and the fact that it is very high profile venue, but because Food & Beverage is a cashless area. It works on stored value cards, where delegates pay for food & beverages with their card and settle their account at the end of the convention. Quest was selected to develop this environment by the food service company Centerplate Inc (formerly known as Volume Services America) after many successful similar installations such as Invesco Field and the New Orleans Arena.


For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 821 015, or email and we promise an initial response within 24 hours.