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Unique needs 

Theme parks have a number of quite unique needs which POS systems need to take account of. One factor common to most theme parks is that of distance, because if terminals go down, need replacing, updating or reconfiguring, the distance becomes a real issue.

And, because of the distances involved, if the park is not brand new, the cost of wiring up for CAT5 or other network solutions can become a serious cost issue.

A different challenge is the fact that in some cases, such as water parks, your customers cannot carry money which could make it difficult for them to buy food and drinks.

Staffing, also has its particular needs, as the workforce is often both seasonal and transient and training, as well as keeping an eye on remote locations can be an issue.

Addressing the needs

Since Quest networking solutions can operate using a standard twisted pair, existing cables for phone (or the phone line itself using a modem) can be used to connect tills to the central office. This can massively reduce the cost of retro fitting a theme park, as well as offering significant cost savings for new installations.

In addition, Quest POS systems are less than 1/2 the price of a PC based solution which can make the savings, both initial and ongoing, enormous.

Furthermore, the raw reliability of our solution (described in Core markets - Pubs, clubs and bars) will make management of a geographically diverse and functionally diverse (restaurants, ice cream etc..) retail environment, a pleasure, not a pain.

Wet money

Using card based or RF wrist (or ankle) bands can extend customers' ability to purchase to include locations, such as water parks, that cannot be serviced by traditional cash and cards. "Wet" money allows customers to charge up an account with a credit card or cash and then spend, spend, spend.

For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 821 015, or email and we promise an initial response within 24 hours.