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Centegra's EPOS solutions are proven in many different environments...

Stadium, Arena and Food Service

Pubs, Clubs and Bars

Franchise Stores of all kinds

Theme Parks and Entertainment Venues

Fast Food & Quick Service; Cinema, Burgers, Coffee, Muffins, etc.



Above all, Centegra's technology saves large sums of money


Let's face it. With beer sploshing, coke syrup crawling and tills getting hammered, retail can be a tough environment.  Well, if your equipment is 10 times more reliable than PC based solutions, which Centegra is - no fans & no hard drives to clog up and break down, a system that can't catch a virus, that can operate without a network and without power - you can see how the savings start adding up. Not just capital outlay, but all the downtime and staff costs you won't incur -  just think of the cost to your business when a till stops working.


For more information on Quest products and services, please call 01270 585 200, or email sales@questretail.co.uk.