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Centegra's product range includes a complete range of products for a totally integrated epos solution.


Centegra's product list covers everything you require for a point-of-sale installation, from tills to networks, cables, printers, cash draws and scanners.


The following are just highlights from the Centegra product range, designed to give a quick introduction. For further product information and an up-to-date price list, please contact sales@Centegra.co.uk or call 01270 585 200.


These products have developed and evolved over the last 23 years, we believe that Centegra products are the most reliable, easy to use, scalable products on the market. They are manufactured to the ISO9001 quality standard and have won a variety of awards, including the EIA Corporate Gold Cup for "Excellence in Innovation, Engineering and Commercialization".


However, the best evidence of the quality and value of our products is what out customers have to say about them and we would be delighted to give you testimonials and case histories of recent installations.


Our hardware will integrate with any software, whether it be Swift POS, Task Manager or Task Manager Lite It thus offers complete flexibility for you to choose whatever interfaces and integration options you want. Our Point-Of-Sale equipment and solutions are also completely scalable, from single store solutions, to franchises, to complete corporate networks with 100s of stores and 1,000s of tills.


Tills and POS Devices Software Special Features & Peripherals

TILLS and POS Devices

V-Touch (Now in 12.2" and 15")

This is not a PC in a box! No, that is what everyone else does and that is why everyone else gets a high rate of failure in operation, especially the harsh environment of a pub, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, fast food, qsr  or concessions stand.  The V-Touch uses tried and tested VersaTerm technology with a touch screen. 100% compatible with all Centegra's technology this device is solid state and highly tuned for POS. Not only will you gain on reliability and performance, but these units are way more cost effective than an equivalent PC in a box and when it comes to Total Cost of Ownership there are huge savings to be made. 


More information - Download Specification Document 261Kb



Probably the most reliable till in the world and without doubt the best value. It offers injection molded plastic housing with 120 programmable keys and user display, optional customer display, card readers, battery back-up, as well as 2 line models. This device will boot in seconds, not get a virus and can be scaled from a single pad in a store to the 490 we installed at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, possibly the worlds largest singe POS Venue. 


More information - Download Specification Document 194Kb there is also the VMR Series Download Specification Document 161Kb and the VL Series Download Specification Document 168Kb


Task Walkabout

Task Walkabout uses state of the art hand-held technology. Its mobile point of sale functionality allows users to perform tasks without visiting the static point of sale. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes & in-seat stadium service, great at improving customer service, brings proven benefits in managing staff costs and easy to integrate. 


More information - Download Specification Document 226Kb


Tills and POS Devices


Special Features & Peripherals


Task Connect

Core communications software interfacing between the tills and the rest of the world. This module can control the tills, configurations and set-up as well as collecting transactions and providing an interface layer to 3rd party or Quest Software modules. 


More information - download Specification Document 58Kb


POS Manager

MS SQL based system specifically designed for the Stadium, Arena and Multi-use venues.  Supports event based management, cash room management, corporate hospitality and much more.


Task Manager

Entry level software module for Task Connect, including stock setup, stock control and accounts.  Includes a large selection of related stock, sales & accounting reports. Supports additional modules including loyalty and memberships. 


More information - download Specification Document 144Kb


Task Walkabout

Mobile point of sale functionality allowing users to perform tasks without visiting the static point of sale.  Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes & in-seat stadium service.


More information - download Specification Document 226Kb


Tills and POS Devices


Special Features & Peripherals


RF Clerk

WOW! Put on a small wrist band and, as the operator approaches the till, it automatically logs them on. Great if you have multiple staff sharing one or more units - cuts down on errors, improves security, combines with multiple cash draws, ideal for difficult trading environments. 


More information - download Specification Document 380Kb


Kitchen printing

Kitchen printing is supported by a till or via a Printer Control Module but can also be performed with a kitchen monitor and bump bar. Orders appear on the screen for processing and can be removed by this specially designed module.


More information:

Kitchen printer control module download Specification Document 155Kb

Kitchen Monitor download Specification Document 168Kb


Access control

Restrict location access to valid members only with the door swipe or RF reader option located at the door entry of your venue. 


More information - download Specification Document 154Kb


Loyalty node

Award loyalty points to members while they are using other services and redeem the points at another location in the venue via a loyalty module which is fully integrated in to the system.


More information - download Specification Document 175Kb


Cash draws, customer displays and others

Enhance your Quest POS tills with color matching & practical cash drawers & accessories, including a Customer Display or special pedestal.


More information:

- Cash Draw download Specification Document 216Kb

- Customer display download Specification Document 118Kb



NEW NEW NEW Quest Net - ECM 

** Internet (IP) enabled ICM so now you can Connect 100s of stores to HQ over ADSL or other broad band networks (can still be done via modems in conjunction)

Quest Net

Interconnection of tills can be made using the integrated Quest Net over several different cable configurations including CAT-5.


More information - download Specification Document 140Kb


All your EPOS Needs

Receipt printers, Kitchen printers, Back Office printers, Barcode scanners,  Till rolls, cabling network, serial and quest net, connectors, supporting software, accountancy package integration, Hotel Management system integration, Purchasing, payroll and electronic ordering integration... you want it, we have probably got it..


Tills and POS Devices


Special Features & Peripherals

I hope you read every word! 

That said, we have only included some key highlighted products to give you a flavour, 

so please give us a call and we can discuss your individual needs.