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Once upon a time the world was occupied by large beasts called main frame computers. Many other creatures also roamed the lands and the struggle for survival of the fittest was well underway.
The cash register evolved from primitive mechanical forms and grew to dominate the land, developing first electronics and even some primitive networking abilities.    
But then arriving on an asteroid from the planet IBM came the PC which began to thrive in the lush Microsoft grass lands. Many believed that these PCs would take over the land, dominating all before them, and indeed they did for many years.    
But as Darwin had informed us the race for the survival of the fittest  accelerates development. Small pockets of cash registers did survive, and under the threat of the PC they evolved and leapt forward. Over time these devices morphed in to solid state Tills with touch screens, benefiting from their focus on specific EPOS environments, dedicated to purpose, relentless in pursuit they could dominate the harsh, boggy and high lands of the world.    
As the carcases of PCs mountained up, clogging up the basements of harsh hospitality environments, buried under mounds of old napkins and soiled cups; their hard drives having spun their last revolution only a few years after spluttering in to life, their operating system redundant and incapable of an upgrade, plagued by viruses and bugs, their fans sucking in all the wet and corrosive gunk would aid in spreading the cancer of coke syrup.    
It was now that the tide of development began to turn. While the PC struggled to renew itself every few years the solid state till would emerge as the fittest survivor capable of thriving in harsh environments and adapting and learning the language of communication.    
Capable of surviving a long life, with simple dietary requirements, short gestation and focused robustness the solid state till once more emerged and the king of the jungle.    
Capable to existing in large colonies with minimal government, the solid state till could build huge communities, communicating with each other over vast distances they had but on weakness...    
They could be controlled and manipulated easily by humans.  Soon there emerged one group of humans, who had lived with them for many years. They took over the colonies and cities and exploited them for the benefit of forward thinking hospitality companies.....    
  Well I think we  have taken that as far as it will go, fun but there is a point, Centegra deploys solid state tills in to hospitality environment, and with good reason.. contact us to find out more.